The Ghost of an Eskimo Dog has brought you to
This web site will showcase the art of Joe Foti an American artist occasionally in Tokyo.

All the art is one of a kind mind made originals, constructed in collaboration with dreams & local savages encountered.
Please email for any advice or odd questions.

2007 May 18, Handhorseman Exhibition Tokyo Japan, at "Ojisan Theatre"
2007 Harris Teeter & Miss Lerlene Charms are released into human population. First reports show no rioting in western hemisphere
2007 Joined Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson & Ray Price in New York for live show at Radio City Music Hall
2007 Purchased Schweinshaxen Mit Zwei Reiberknodel in Munich German at Legendary Hofbrauhaus
2006 Harris Teeter Spacer Ring Debuts at All Chrome Hearts Stores
2006 Art Research Expedition Touring Through 16 Cities Throughout Italy
2006 "Foti by Chrome Hearts" Exhibition at Dover Street Markets in London England
2006 Mahalia - completes the "Foti by Chrome Hearts" collection
2005 Designed Birthday Card for Sex Pistol Steve Jones 50th Birthday Party
2005 Debut of four new characters for the "Foti by Chrome Hearts" line. Jarvis, Skeeter, Miss Twitty, Naskull.
2004 October 1-31, "Rewarding The Ugly" exhibition at Chrome Hearts Tokyo Japan. Debut of two new "Foti by Chrome Hearts" characters. Clitzen, Buford.
2004 Debut New Character for the "Foti by Chrome Hearts" line. Skippy
2004 Spread in Chrome Hearts Chrome Hearts Magazine Vol. 5
2003 Debut of "Foti by Chrome Hearts" Characters - In all Chrome Hearts Stores. Harris Teeter, Miss Lerlene, Pepé, Delphino
2003 Article in Chrome Hearts Magazine Vol. 4
2002 September 18, "Phantasmagoria" Exhibition at the Chrome Hearts Shop in Osaka Japan featuring performance by disKoNeKt the Hi-Fi (Kirk Hellie).
2002 Chrome Hearts Magazine Vol. 3 featured an interview with Joe & displayed a number of pieces.
2002 February 20, "Fisting Scars" Exhibition at the Chrome Hearts Shop in Tokyo Japan featuring motion-sensor activated music by Kirk Hellie
2001 Photography published in Visual ID Issue 02 Tokyo Japan
2000 Photography published in Visual ID Issue 01 Tokyo Japan
1999 Exhibition with Chrome Hearts & DeBeers At The Tokyo Natural History Museum
1998 Relocated to Tokyo Japan


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